Milia Removal Is Here

The Launch of Milia Removal



What are Milia?  – Small, hard, round, white lipid-epithelium plugs slightly raised up from the skin level.

How are they formed? – Keratin becomes trapped at the base of the hair follicle or sweat gland beneath the skin, forming a tiny cyst that solidifies.

What causes them? – The exact cause is unknown, but Milia have been related to a high cholesterol diet, excessive Vitamin C intake, overly rich moisturisers and change in facial products or routine.

How easy are Milia to treat? – Very easy! We use a method called Thermolysis, where an electrolysis needle is inserted and the current is applied. This desiccates the fatty tissue, breaking it down and allowing it to disperse over the next few days. You can expect to hear a popping sensation as the needle pierces the keratinised centre.

How long does it take to disappear? – A day or two later tiny crusts may form, which must be left to fall off naturally.

Please Note – We do not treat clients with Milia to close to the eye area, so we recommend a consultation to avoid disappointment.

Aftercare – For 2-3 days after treatment, your skin may appear red and slightly inflamed, do not touch or pick at the treated skin as this could result in infection or scarring. Avoid perfumed products, soap, cleanser, moisturiser and make-up for 48 hrs, to allow the skin to heal.


Milia Consultation – £10.00

Milia Removal Procedure – £20.00

*Follow up appointments maybe required for stubborn Milia removals – No Charge

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