Treat Card Information

Are you aware of our loyalty scheme we run here at The Retreat Salons??

It’s called a TREAT CARD, all clients should have been given one but please let us know if you haven’t, and we will get that sorted for you.

We are very grateful that our clients are so loyal to us. So, we in return are passionate in rewarding you with complimentary services.

Please have a browse over our terms and conditions:

* Every time you come in for a treatment at The Beauty Retreat or Petite Retreat you will receive points based on what treatment you are having. These points will build up on your account and the system will offer you a reward once you a have accumulated enough.

*Please ask your therapist when you’re in the salon to check what treatments you have enough to redeem.

*You can only redeem one service per visit and before 4pm each working day.

*You must book rewards with your regular therapist.

*You must call the salon or book in person for treat card services, no online option is available.

*Not arriving for your Treat Card Appointment will result in losing the points.

There are other ways you can earn extra points too!

- Recommending a friend will earn you 100 Treat Card Points! Remind your friends to add your name when filling in their consultation and you will receive a text confirming the points have been added.

- Keep an eye on our monthly promotions! We often offer double points with certain treatments!

- Adding a selfie to your reviews will reward you with an extra 10 points! We love seeing your nails, make up and smiles!

If you have any questions regarding our Treat Card Rewards Scheme, or would like to check your points, please call us on 02392 827200 or email

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