Micro Blading – How much is Micro Blading?



Price List

Micro Blading will last between 12 to 18 months depending on the physiology of your skin and medical considerations. 

Consultation Complimentary
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(This will be 2 Individual Appointments) 

I use a method of drawing many hair strokes onto the eyebrows to fill in gaps, reconstruct sparse or thin eyebrows, and even create a brow when there is no hair remaining.

Colour Boost 

Top Eyeliner £175.00
Similar method to eyebrows, the lashes are filled in at the base along the lash line, which will create a similar look to filling in between your lashes with liner or eye shadow.
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Bottom Eyeliner £150.00
Colour Boost 

Top and Bottom Eyeliner £275.00
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Lip Blush including Lip Liner £350.00
A natural lip stain is created in the lip colour that you most like to wear, it is a very natural concept, with no hard lines.
Colour Boost £275.00 


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