Micro Blading – The Procedure





How long does the procedure last?

This varies from person to person, a colour refresh is recommended on average from 12-18 months after your initial procedure.

How long does the procedure take to do?

The procedure is split into 2 appointments, which are 4-6 weeks apart to allow for the healing process to complete. The initial procedure will take from 60 to 90 minutes, and your second appointment takes from 30-60 minutes.

Does the application hurt?

Some clients find the procedure a little uncomfortable whereas other clients report no discomfort at all. A combination of 2 anaesthetics is used, a topical numbing cream and then a local aesthetic is introduced once the procedure has started. This is topped up regularly during the treatment to keep you comfortable.

How do you choose a colour?

We choose a colour together by applying a small amount of pigment to the skin near to your area being treated and together we will select the best match for your skin tone, features and personal preference. We have to take into account that the pigment colour applied will be lighter after the skin has healed, normally 2 weeks after the procedure, so will always need to choose a shade of pigment darker for lasting results. Please note that your colour pigment may heal a different colour, I cannot determine or predict what colour you will end up, this could be due to your natural body’s chemistry, sun exposure or the after care you may of followed incorrectly.

What will my brows look like immediately after the procedure?

Your brows may be a little swollen, red and sometimes blanched (white). This is all very normal. They will be considerably darker for the first week before they begin to fade out to a softer colour.

How will Sun Exposure affect my brows?

You must avoid Sun Exposure after having a procedure of Micro blading as this will hugely fade the pigment. The sun will break down the pigment so I strongly recommend wearing factor 50.

Do I need a patch test?

Yes all clients need a patch test at least 48 hours before the procedure. The procedure will not go ahead if a patch test is not recorded.

How do you choose the shape?

We choose a shape and style together. At the beginning of the procedure I will draw in a suggested shape for your new brows and then we work together to perfect this to your preference. Measurements are taken to check symmetry and placement.

Can I have my brows Micro Bladed if I’m pregnant?

No you cannot have this treatment done if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Does it hurt afterwards?

This will depend on the clients pain threshold. Throughout the procedure I will ensure you feel comfortable and will be applying topical anaesthetic during the procedure. The area can be a little sore for the first few hours, and then tender to the touch for a couple of days but regular application of the vitamin A & D Ointment will soothe any irritation after the procedure.