Specialist clinics – Semi Permananent Make Up

Susan Coombe

Susan was personally trained By Tracey Simpson of National Enhancement (UK) in the Cosmedic Micro-Pigmentation System.

Treatment will give natural looking perfectly applied make-up which will last for 2-7 years.

All Prices include initial consultation, skin test, first
enhancement and a touch up 6 weeks later.

Booking Fee/Deposit £50.00
Eyebrow Enhancement £450.00
Eyelash Enhancement £400.00
Fine Eyeliner £450.00
Thick Eyeliner £500.00
Full Lip Blush £500.00
Beauty Mark £50.00
Colour Boost £150.00
(to boost colour within 18 months of previous application)
Colour Correction POA
(to correct work done by another practitioner)
Scar Camouflage POA
Areola Construction POA

This treatment is ideal for people who want to look their best at all times / Professionals or Mothers who have no time for make up / People who play a lot of sport, Swim or Sail / Sufferers of Hay Fever or Make up allergies